Monday, 8 October 2007

An enlightening conversation

Was stood at the bus stop a few days ago when a young man approached.

'Number 4 stop here?' he asked

'don't know' I replied

'you don't know?'

'no, sorry mate'

(there was a lengthly pause and then)

'What you waiting for?'

'number 770'

'does that stop here'


'but the 4 doesn't?'

' I don't know'

'can you catch number 4?'

'I could'

'does it come this way?'


luckily my bus (that's the 770 not the 4) came at this point.


Lorelei said...

That was fantastic. Don't you just love stooooopid people? :D

Anonymous said...

The curse of looking smart.

Toadee said...

The only problem with people like this is that they can very quickly decide that you are laughing at them and then they turn nasty (perhaps that's just in UK)

Terry are you saying I look smart

Sophia said...

So did the 4 ever come???


Toadee said...

I have done extensive research into this Sophia. The 4 doesn't doesn't go down that road.