Saturday, 6 October 2007


Today was just one of those days, everywhere I went I was stuck in traffic jams. As usual I amused myself by smiling at drivers next to me and pulling faces at children hehe. I usually find that my smiles are answered by puzzled looks or embarrassment, shame!
Then I heard an item on the radio, today is (or was) national smile day. I grabbed a piece of A4 and a marker pen and wrote on it
TODAY IS NATIONAL SMILE DAY (drew a little smiley on there too) then I stuck my sign on my window (side not front lol).
The change in people was amazing, everyone was smiling at me, cars full of people were laughing and grinning, I was laughing, the world was a better place.
National smile say is just one day but I'm on the road most days and I'm gonna make me a sign to get people smiling all year round.


MONA said...

How sweet!!

:) :) :)

Toadee said...

I think I'll start a campaign! hehe