Friday, 24 August 2007

the Holiday!

first let me explain, I lost my camera for most of the holiday.

Right, here we go!

the family had gone camping a week ago and i joined them last Saturday.

I was already aware that my partner had had a row with the site owner.......

this is the site in question

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shortly after I arrived the owner came to our tent to say that my nephew and my daughter had been misbehaving (they had been winding a swing around the frame) I told him that they would be dealt with and then..............

all hell broke loose. My partner was shouting, he was shouting, I was confused.

He claimed that no-one had paid for me to stay, they had and was getting into a real temper.

The owner threatened to call the police and I burst out laughing, where I live the police deal with real issues.

He did, they came, we talked, we agreed to leave the next morning on the grounds that I would not be able to enjoy my holiday in the current atmosphere.

Next morning we moved to another site

which was very nice but unfortunately the weather wasn't brilliant

this is the site (and that isn't dirt on my lenses it's weather!)

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later photos are a little clearer

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the bad weather persisted and all we could do to raise out spirits was to hit the nearest pub where we ate real food and the kids gave the pool table a good seeing to

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on the final (for me) day we went into Whitby and enjoyed the traditional fish and chips before the kids felt an overwhelming urge to pose

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Anneliese, Sophie (mine), Natasha, Rebecca (mine), Jamie, Andi-Jane, Zoe
Jack (mine), Thomas (mine)

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Sophie, Natasha, Rebecca

I came home yesterday and today has been wonderful weather :(


J Morgetron said...

I love these pix Toadee! I'm very partial to the visual.

Toadee said...

yes I had noticed, I like your visuals very much

J Morgetron said...

I like the girls' boots.

Who is your partner? Aren't you married? Are you married to a woman? I'm confused.

Toadee said...

ah, I have has this discussion with an american already.

at times the Uk can be a but over the top about political correctness and Partner is sometimes used to temove any opportunity for discrimination against gay couples (as I understand it a 'partner' in the US is usually a life partner in a gay relationship)

I use the term because wife suggests an inimacy I don't feel (it's complicated) but yes I am married and to a woman.

J Morgetron said...

Ohhhhh. Got it. Enlightening.

I learn something new everyday!

KB said...

Wow, your kids are growing up fast.

Looks like a nice place to camp too.

Toadee said...

kuds do that lol

and yes it was a relly nic esite. Wewill go there again

Rebicmel said...

Tim great pics hun. Everyone looks like they had a great time.

Toadee said...

I think they did despite the weather