Wednesday, 15 August 2007

new wave

at the moment I am delivering to bakeries, Sweet manufacturers and meat packers. I have noticed that in all these places, because wages are low, nearly all the staff are Polish. This new wave of Polish workers is quite recent but I never realised the scale of it.
I feel very awkward when I am unloading the waggon with people who I don't understand and they don't understand me. I was never any good at languages but I would like to learn a few words of Polish just so I can say thank you and goodbye etc, it must be so weird for they people (mostly young) to be here in a strange land although Leeds does have quite a large Polish community from the post war wave of immigration.


keith hillman said...

Down here we depend on East European workers to work in the seaside hotels and restaurant kitchens. I've worked with them, and I have to say they work a damn sight harder than the local bunch.

Toadee said...

yes, I had noticed that keith, and Many of those who have been in England a little while speak better English than the local bunch too.