Thursday, 30 August 2007

Hot and bothered

While I was driving today it was so hot in the cab and so, like many of my fellow drivers I was driving topless.

what bothered me though was that so many of the drivers sport rather magnificent bellys and 'man boobs' due to the fact that we spend so long sitting.

If I'm going to drive long term then i need to make sure I put in some exercise time.


Anonymous said...

We need to talk about this!!

Toadee said...

we do??

Anonymous said...


You must wear a shirt. You are a professional driver. Wear all your clothes. If you are hot and bothered, suffer and carry a water bottle.

Or, get a little portable fan.

But, wear your clothes. What if you would be in an accident??

Toadee said...

if i were in an accident they would probably need to remove my shirt, this way I'm aving vital seconds errrrrrr, is that convincing?

Anonymous said...


It is not a good look for a man to drive without a shirt. What's next? Your trousers? Then if you get into an accident, they are gonna wonder about you.

And, if the newsreports will read:

Toad in Underwear Hurt on Motorway

Anonymous said...

And, man boobs are so disgusting. If you don't want to see some woman's saggy bosom, why is a man's *hairy,* saggy bosom any better?


Toadee said...

I don't recall saying i LIKED man boobs, indeed i do not wish to experience them no not ever!

Anonymous said...

I'm not suggesting you want to gaze in delight at man boobies! I'm just adding to your point that they are less than desirable.

I realize that men get them. But, if you have them, don't take your shirt off. Problem solved! :-)

J Morgetron said...

Toadee, I have this same problem. I drive around, get all sweaty and hot -- shirt comes off. But I don't have man boobs. I just have regular lady boobs.

Toadee said...

I'm so glad you understand how it is to feel so hot you just have to flash the boobs and to hell with it. I'm sure boobs McGee would approve.

I only wish more ladies were as enlightened as you ;o)