Saturday, 18 August 2007

the Limerick competition!

here are the entries, please vote on the poll -------------->

vargas said...
There once was a man named Elderly
who posted comments most sparingly
one day while bloggin'
I overturned my noggin
'surprised he resurfaced unexpectedly!

J Morgetron said...
The blogger "My Girlfriend is Hot" was the first to post five entries ago:

There once was this nameless dude
who took pics of his girl in the nude.
He has no shame
in this crazy blogging game.
Methinks his number one goal's to get screwed.

Rebicmel said...
I got Mona

There once was a poet named Mona
Her skills made me drink corona
Though her talent's sublime
and her poetry does rhyme
her humor is like flora and fauna.

so there you have it. Please vote!


J Morgetron said...

And there's no poll! Is cyberspace crashing around us?


Rebicmel said...

I vote for myself

Toadee said...

there is too a poll!

and people have even voted!