Friday, 31 August 2007

not a happy day

What a frustrating day!

I had it all planned out in my little head. I was delivering to a place called Chesterfield which is on the very outskirts of the area we cover, I didn't mind because my brother lives there and i was looking forward to stopping off for lunch or at least a cup of tea. I knew that i could finish the days work on time and I had arranged to do a job for a friend, only three hours but good money.

So, that's how it was supposed to be!

I had just arrived at my first stop in Chesterfield when the manager tang me an dtold me to get straight back to base as there was an emergency, there was an important delivery to do and he said I might have to work over my normal time. i made it clear that I had to finish on time.
Rushed back to base and another manager helped me off load the Chesterfield stuff and re-load the lorry, he ws worried about us getting the job done and i further 'rained on the parade' by pointing out that I was required by law to take a break.

We got to the drop off area and struggled with heavy traffic and a major detour because he tried to take me under a bridge which was 11'6 high (my lorry is 11'8).

When i finally finished, there were major delays on the motorway, now I don't normally mind sitting in traffic jams because I can amuse my self but my fuel gauge was hovering over empty and we are only allowed to fill up at base.
I made it back only to find that, while i had been out trying to save face for the company, everyone had gone home and the yard was locked up tight. I had to ring my agency who found someone with keys to open up for me. To be honest I would've quite cheerfully lefy the lorry outside knowing full well that by the next morning it would have been empty, burnt out or missing (probably all three).
So the upshot. I had to ring my friend who felt very let down (and i hate letting people down), I lost out on £60 and instead of finishing the job at 3pm I finished nearer 6.

Ok, I'm calm now lol


Rebicmel said...

Tim you need a calgon bath and a hug mate. (((((hug))))))

Toadee said...

awwww thank you!, I think lol.
In the UK calgon is what we put in washing machines to stop limescale. Please tell me this in't what you intend for me

Anonymous said...

Same company. There used to be an advertisement here for Calgon bath products. It would show a frazzled mummy with her children fighting, the doorbell ringing, the dinner burning, and she would face the camera and say,

"Calgon...take me away!"

Next shot showed a happy mummy sitting in a bathtub filled with bubbles.

If, however, you have limescale, you should see the doctor. Clisters and limescale on a toad are not good!

Toadee said...

The jingle in the UK is
@washing machines live longer with calgon' but I'm not sure if people do lol