Saturday, 25 August 2007


with so little to do I have been tweaking my blog which, you will be pleased to note, didn't hurt and hasn't affected my eyesight.

I have added a clistermap and a guest book.

Hmmmmmm, there appears to be a theme and that theme there anybody there?


J Morgetron said...

What's a clistermap? Is it a map that shows clisters?



Toadee said...

Grrrrrrrrrr, bl**dy teachers hehe

that's the last time you'll get a look at my clisters

Anonymous said...

I think a clister is something you need a shot of penicillin to cure!!

Toadee said...

onlt when they go green and slimey and , being a toad, it's sometimes difficult to tell

Anonymous said...

Yes, I suppose so. I, however, am a beee-yoooo-tiful princess without green, slimy things.

I have been known to eat spirulina, though!