Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Just catching up

this week I'm driving for a contract cleaning firm so I'm collecting uniforms for cleaning and delivering clean ones.
When I reported for work yesterday morning the manager asked me if I was a vegetarian and now I know why, most of my route is to butchers and slaughter houses. The stench is terrible and if I have to walk across another yard dodging red puddles I think I'll puke.

The answer to his question? I'm not veggie but I very soon might be.


Rebicmel said...

ummm after reading this I am going to become a vegie person too ewwwwww.

KB said...

I can't get past the uniforms...

*appears dazed and confused*

MsRose said...

You are tagged again!
Go to my blog for rules:)

Ambre said...

Hello Toadee...Keep on trucking!


Toadee said...

KB, so many uniforms, so little time *snigger*

do I have to be tagged MsRose *sulk*

ambre, I am, as the hells angels say, a rightous trucker (or something like that hehe

Ambre said...

I actually met a small group of them 'Hells' Angels' back in the day..

(waves as she passes Toadee's truck on her HOG)

I do mean HOG Toadee! A cute little pink piggy. I dare not climb atop a Harley..I so do not care for those bikes..LOUD and boisterous.

Wait a minute..That description vaguely reminds me of someone..Oh yes, meee..teehee

I'm not really that way in person, honest I'm not! Cross my heart and hope to, well, never mind that could be dangerous..

~have a fun day~

Ambre said...

Pssssssssst! If Darlin stops in and reads this..I shall deny it to the death!


Toadee said...

it's ok, I know you weren't referring to anyone remotely like Jo.

as all the best books say 'any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental

Ambre said...

I knew my theory was correct!!