Saturday, 4 August 2007

A long day

everywhere i delivered today we had to unload by hand so I got home aching and tired. Does any other country have as many miles of car park as we have, we call them motorways but they seem to be used for parking most of the time. I amused myself on the way home by getting people to smile. Did this by pulling faces (works on kids), blowing kisses (works on women, especially if they are in the car with their husband), looking dramatically anguished (works on men).

Next week I am working for a dry cleaning firm (a matter close to my heart) can't wait to get a picture of my next vehicle


Ambre said...

Neat looking truck you drive there Toadee!! Now I can imagine you behind the wheel..


Rebicmel said...

sounds like fun Tim and we used to do that to motorist, we would drive by and way like we knew them. The faces they made, made us laugh. They were always trying to figure out if they knew us lol

Toadee said...

I am not a very good trucker, I am to slow and not yet weighty enough.

I have to admit sitting there in the cab on a warm summer evening, windows open and classical music up loud I feel content and the smiles are from the heart.

Rebicmel said...

Tim have you listened to IL Divo? They are great and if you love classical music you will love them even though they sing some classical and contemporary, it's their voices melded together that almost makes you cry when you listen to them. Love them oh yeah

Toadee said...

Yes I love Il Divo