Sunday, 5 August 2007

Throwing down a gauntlet

It is time!

time I gave something away, it's not important what i give away, but give away I shall!

I would like to challenge you, my dear visitor, to count back five entries in your own blog (if you have several use your most popular) then look at who was the first person to comment on that entry, if no-one commented then go back to the previous entry.

Once you have got a name I would like you to write a limerick about that person and put it as a comment here.

In a week or so I will ask the public to choose a winner, if the poll feature is working, and a wonderful prize will be had.

I haven't looked at the name I would come up with but I'm going to do it now (I promise not to win the prize)


Toadee said...

OK I got Missy.

Our Missy's a true southern belle
and though I don't know her so well
When she says Y'all
I recognise the call
and can't help but love her, by hell

vargas said...

There once was a man named Elderly
who posted comments most sparingly
one day while bloggin'
I overturned my noggin'
surprised he resurfaced unexpectedly!

Toadee said...

thank you for that Vargas

J Morgetron said...

The blogger "My Girlfriend is Hot" was the first to post five entries ago:

There once was this nameless dude
who took pics of his girl in the nude.
He has no shame
in this crazy blogging game.
Methinks his number one goal's to get screwed.

Warning: If you check out his site it has EXTREME adult content -- like I'm surprised someone hasn't flagged him. It's very very naughty.

Rebicmel said...

I got Mona

There once was a poet named Mona
Her skills made me drink corona
Though her talent's sublime
and her poetry does rhyme
her humor is like flora and fauna.

Toadee said...

wow thank you ladies

Ambre said...

Wow! This is a neat idea Toadee!!
Is it too late for me to write something and post it?


Toadee said...

it's not to late.

I'm giving it another 5 days so that the laggards have a chance