Thursday, 30 August 2007

I came across this picture of my daughter

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my first thought was



Rebicmel said...

OH hun I can't wait for Morgy to see this one! It's a great pic and she does in some weird way favor our beloved Morgy

Toadee said...

I think it's the eyes hehe

although Sophie is quite mad too so it could be that.

J Morgetron said...

Oooh no Toadee. This is a good thing. Nothing you need to worry about.

You have been quite prolific lately.

I'll be back tomorrow.

Tell you daughter, she is beautiful (and she does look like me.) Hahahahah.


J Morgetron said...

I came back tonight. Hubbetron fell asleep which was the only thing preventing my quick return.

Just think -- It could be worse. She could've been a mini Keith or a mini Ambre -- or the worst -- a mini MUTTERS. Hahahah. ( Just kidding guys.)

Toadee said...

well yes she is beautiful but i still say it's the madness that reminds me of you

J Morgetron said...

Madness is beautiful.


Toadee said...

it has a certain inner melody