Wednesday, 12 September 2007

another competition!

I haven't always been a couch potato and here is a picture from when the toad sought out his natural habitat.

problem is, the toad has dissapeared, your job is to give me the coordinated of toadee's head.

Oh and because that's so easy, I want you to tell me what was going through that head at the moment the picture was taken. The entry with the correct coorinates and the thought that tickles me the most will get a PRIZE

feel free to comment here but e-mail your enty to me
( )

I will post comments after the end of the competition.

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Rebicmel said...

I already know the answer to this one as I have seen it before somewhere lol.......I am bowing out of it.

Toadee said...

the picture was on my web site but the answer wasn't

Shari Mead said...

Toadee was your head at coordinates A10. If not the it was on top of your shoulders where a persons head belongs.

Toadee said...

No comment Shari, why not send in an entry!

J Morgetron said...


Toadee: Glug, glug, glug, glug.


KB said...

Your head was erm, let me your helmet?

Toadee said...

my head has always been all over the place