Thursday, 20 September 2007

oh no! real life!

throughout my history of internet use I have made many friends and a few enemies (or is it the other way around?)

Thus far I have never mixed my internet life with my real life but now i feel that the times are, as Bob said, a changing. For the first time I have started talking to people about my blog and inviting them to visit. My blog is pretty much me so there shouldn't be many surprises. I guess the biggest worry is if a real life friend starts spilling the beans about me, you know confirming that I really am a toad and that I look up to hobbits and smell like the messy end of a rat with diarrhoea.


KB said...

Please don't remind me of our enemy.


*runs away screaming*

Toadee said...

was there only one?

or is that just THE enemy hehe

J Morgetron said...

We already knew all that stuff Toadee and we love you anyway.

Just kidding.

Come on! Give yourself more credit man!

Toadee said...

but Morgy, you don't understand. That's my good points hehe

KB said...

the one who shall not be named Toadee

*screams again*

Toadee said...


*goes white and begins to shake uncontrolably*