Friday, 7 September 2007

I think I have a mild flu bug

no scratch that, I'm a man for goodness sake, I am sure I'm dying lol

so I'm not hanging around at the moment and I am quarantining my blog.

Please wear a face mask when entering.


Rebicmel said...

Tim drink lots of hot liquids, and broths if you can. If I was there I would rub your feet with menthol rub and put socks on them the rub your back with the same make you a cup of hot tea, fluff your pillows get you a book to read and then sit in a chair to see if there was anything you needed...Well I wanted you to have something happy to think about. I am sure Morgy will do the same when she comes along!!!!!!!

Rebicmel said...
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Toadee said...

you are so kind Missy, you know what us men are like with illness, the slightest sniff is pneaumonia

J Morgetron said...

Take two of these and call me in the morning.

Toadee said...

what should I take them with?

and what shall I call you?