Monday, 10 September 2007

do you remember real money?

I'm old enough to remember when, if you went into a shop and said you were paying by cheque or credit, they would add a surcharge because of the inconvenience and because they had to pay to use the service.

As time went on you could sometimes get a discount for paying cash.

A relative of mine went into Carphone Warehouse last week to but a new mobile phone, he said he was paying cash and was informed that there would be a £20 additional charge for cash payments! This is mainly because cash (and cheques) have to be transported to the bank.

A few days ago , as I was boarding my bus the lady in front of me tried to pay a £3.50 fare with a £5 pound note. The driver said he couldn't accept the note because it was to creased to go through the counting machine at the depot and so was useless.

How long before we are a totally cash free society?


Rebicmel said...

Tim it's mostly that way now. More convienent to carry a bankcard these days. Oh well life is weird

Toadee said...

but I like real money, it feels nice

Rebicmel said...

Oh Tim you are delusional, that isn't real money hun that is capitalistic pigs telling you it's real money, everything in life is really free didn't you know that?????

Toadee said...

the good things in life are free