Saturday, 8 September 2007

(Not so) private dancer

As I made my weary way home from work yesterday all I could think about was lying down and sleeping forever.

The bus was crowded, no seats at all (not even one next to an incontinent old guy with a bottle in a paper bag and a decades long collection of BO)

I stood near the front holding onto a pole.I really didn't feel like performing my legendary pole dance but the motion of the bus sort of swung me around my pole a little and a small boy laughed at me. There are several ways to react when someone laughs at you but this is my way. I did it again, I did it with both hands, with one. I swung a little left and a bit more to the right. A few more people smiled or laughed (and one frowned).

I was so tired but somehow making a few people smile gave me a boost.

I am awaiting a regular booking hehe


Rebicmel said...

Let me know when you book a gig Tim and Morgy and I will be on the next bus to cheer you on.

Rebicmel said...
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J Morgetron said...

*waves handful of dollar bills*

Toadee said...

that'll do as a deposit.

having just viewed the Morgetronic dance style I feel sure thre's room for a couple of extra dancers on the 7:20 to City Centre