Sunday, 23 September 2007


My senses fill with promised delight
I tremble with anticipation
preparing to indulge

You cast your net wide
your silk so fine
waiting for the tempted

As I touch your web
my nerves alert, to late,
held lightly

I face you, not bravely
trembling with fear
you anticipate your indulgence

and so I end
wrapped in your embrace
cocooned in silken thread
losing my head


Anonymous said...

This one is great !
Even more great than those strange mutated model pictures from a strange German site, I have seen five minutes ago.

The overall impression is good, but the ending could be more specific, I think.

Yours Sincerely.

Rebicmel said...

Tim was this your flash? If it was you need to every week list it on Susie's blog letting her know you are up> Loved this

Toadee said...

no Missy , this isn't my flash

this was my flash

Hey look I've got an anonymous critic :o)

snowelf said...


Don't ever stop writing.
I mean it.


Toadee said...

I so appreciate that Snow

MONA said...

That seems like Hair.. a woman's tresses...

Lovely poem toadee!

Toadee said...

thank you Mona, I really appreciate your comment.