Thursday, 6 September 2007

Prize sent

I have now posted 2 prizes (and a bonus prize) to the wonderful, warm and witty Missy.

I wonder who will be receiving the prize for September?


Rebicmel said...

OMG Thank you thank you thank you where should I send the fifty for choosing me as the winner lol. Really Tim thanks and I am so very excited!!!! lol MUAH HUG

Toadee said...

hehe, it's no big thing lol

save the money for my old age please

J Morgetron said...

I'm very jealous. Very very jealous indeed.


Toadee said...

so you should be, a toadee prize is a real prize it can only gain in value.

But Jodie, you are leading the field for September at the moment so your turn may well come.

Toadee said...

I have removed a spam message, they are not welcome here