Sunday, 30 September 2007

A sad and thoughtful day

Today I attended the funeral of an old friend. I hadn't seen her for 20 years and found out after she died that she was living 2 miles from me.

She died of pneumonia at the age of 43.

As I sat in the church, I cried a little, not for the immediate loss but for those 20 years when I didn't stay in touch with someone who had always been a good friend (and an excellent drinking buddy).

Way back then when we were in out early 20's we were all immortal and there was never pressure to do things 'now'

Her brother described how she had lost her sight in her 30's and had been scared to walk, how she had become less active and weaker, how she had lost the can do attitude she used to have. It was when she was struggling and afraid that she needed friends, meanwhile I was 2 miles up the road doing very little. I'm not blaming my self but it just seems that a vital link was missing.

a lesson for us all, value the good friends we have and don't let the years slip away.


Rebicmel said...

Tim this hug crosses the miles to give you a bit of a squeeze. I hope you are feeling better.

keith hillman said...

Toadee I feel for you. Something similar happened to me last year.Every Christmas we would promise in our cards to meet each other during the following year.Then suddenly it was too late.

keith hillman said...
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Toadee said...

thank you Missy and Keith, I'm making all sorts of promises to my self

KB said...

Hugs hun. There are always so many things we intend to do and say but we put them off till tomorrow.


Feel for you hun

Toadee said...

I am determined to hold on to the friends I have now

Dale said...

That's sad about your friend. It's easy to forget the impact we can have sometimes when life gets in the way.

Toadee said...

I hate that it's only at funerals that I manage to get my perspective back