Sunday, 16 September 2007


my competition has been a total failure so far, the criteria used to reach this conclusion is that there have been no (that's 0) entries.
I think I will leave it a week and then kill it


MONA said...

awww.. every cloud has a silver lining...don't worry, there are better times ahead :)

Rebicmel said...

Tim I received my fabulous prizes yesterday upon my return home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wahoo I love each of them, the book I will treasure and well my favorite is the little frog that now has a place of honor in my bedroom. The stamps are awesome and we are going to add them to my son's stamp collection.

Your a doll and I love my prizes, the little mitt is adorable. I love blue.

Wonderful, Wonderful xoxoxooxox

Toadee said...

Glad you approve Missy hehe

I'm looking for that silver lining Mona, where is it hidden?

KB said...

eekk, which competition, what did I miss?

Toadee said...

you didn't miss it , it's still open.

Just look a bit further back my friend