Saturday, 22 September 2007

a wish for those moving on

I wrote this for two members of my writer's group who are going off to university but I keep seeing it as my subconscious smacking me around the head


If you never see beyond today's horizon
or seek an answer deeply hidden
If you only see the seed
and not the flower
and only ever go where you are bidden.

If you cannot reach to touch the sky
and never know the wonders found out there
and life's journey is planned and set and mapped
without the time to stop a while and stare.

If you look back one day and feel regret
and realise then all lives are not the same
and weep for all the chances you have missed
then my friend, that is the greatest shame.


KB said...

I especially love the last verse Toadee, so very true.

Toadee said...

I think that's the verse that hits me the most

Rebicmel said...

Tim this is a wonderful poem and so much truth is held within those penned words. Wonderful, wonderful

Toadee said...

thank you Missy