Friday, 21 September 2007

my naughty poem

I did this for my writer's group, it made them laugh hehe


Do you think I'm attractive?

oh yes, said his lips
hmmmm, suppose, added his brain
YUM! cried the little devil

Will you see me again?

of course, the lips assured
errrrrrr, suppose, the brain added
WELL, ARE YOU GOING TO PUT OUT OR WHAT? demanded the devil, stretching

Do you love me?

you know I do, quick from the lips
yeah, yeah, whatever, yawned a bored brain
I'M READY, NOW! groaned the giant devil.


G-Man said...

Thanks for visiting my blog today..
You are welcome even without a decent camera..

Toadee said...

I was hoping to capture the colours of autumn (well I'm British for god's sake !)as well as your words do

MONA said...

what a discrepancy from head toes I guess...Ha ha! :D

Thanks for illustrating the 'multi taking' I love this poem! :D

MONA said...

oops! multi TASKING! I hate typos!

Toadee said...

I um the typo kong hehe

lime said...

hahah, well done....and honest....and quite amusing

Toadee said...

thank you kindly lime